Thursday, April 26, 2007

San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival 2007




It's the most prestigious GLBT film festival in the world... and our premiere will be in June in the Bay City!!!

So save the date, June 20th, 4.30 pm @ Roxy Film Center and 21st, 7.00 pm @ the 1000-seat Castro Theatre... no less!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Daniel and Alan are on their way

Great news for the guys over at Would Be Canadians, they received word from the Seattle Consulate, which means they are in the home stretch.

Our AOR (Acknowledgment of Receipt) is exactly one week after theirs in February 2006.

Not much going on

We are still waiting for them to request medicals. We're almost 2 months past the file transfer to the NY consulate.

There some advantages to having a house husband. I don't have to wake up early on Saturday and do my marathon house cleaning. Emilio seems to be adjusting to unemployement well.

We had a surprise visit last night with the people who are buying our house. It's such a relief to know that part of the move is taken care of.
We all just hope the timing works out for everyone.

We're going to see a play in Allentown, PA tonight. It should be fun. It's a gay themed show.

Monday, April 16, 2007

I turned 40 today-Big Whoop

I worked from home and had a great lunch with my favorite bear. Emilio and I planned to do our usual Birthday tradition, Prime Rib at Charlie Brown's. This time my parents joined us and it was a pretty good low key day. Just the way I like it.

I got new shoes and a really cool GPS for my car. It's awesome for a guy like me who has no sense of direction. We actually asked it for directions to Toronto and were amazed it said the drive is only 6.5 hours.

On the news today we saw the flooding from the NorEaster is pretty bad, in fact our previous home is right in the middle of the flood. Good thing we moved in 2004.

Other news, today my boss said she would like me to remain working for her when we move to Canada. Wooo hooo! what a relief!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Today is Easter

For us it just feels like Sunday. Our long and slow process of ridding our lives of organized religion reached a new point today. We didn't wish each other "Happy Easter" when we woke up. It was the first holiday that we previously celebrated religiously that it didn't occur to us to wish each other the usual greeting marking the day.

We will be going up to Mom & Dads for dinner, but for us it's spending another glorious day with our beloved family. Weekly here in the US we have idiots like Bill Donahue of the Catholic League or James Dobsen of Focus on the Family being the voice of Christianity. It's a shame and people shouldn't allow it to happen. We did our part and tried to change the church from within, we failed. We have bigger issues in our lives, like starting a new life over in another country and fighting just to stay together.

Just last week on a local forum a young gay man was asking about the next town over and if they would be harrasssed if they moved there. I offered our experience of not caring what other think and not letting fear decide where we want to live. Plus the added bonus of having terrific neighbors. Sadly, the young man also got responses in the vein of "We don't want your kind here". I seriously don't know how social conservatives can be so hateful. They must be mentally ill, irrational hate is abnormal psychological behavior.

So as I enter the final week of my 30's, I hope my 40's brings me less struggle and more serenity. I keep saying to my self, "Take it one day at a time"

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Through Thick & Thin hits DC 4/10/2007

Anyone in the DC area is invited to see it at the HRC Center

Work problems

My sweet Emilio had a very bad week. He lost his job.

His assistant manager stabbed him in the back, undermined him and was quite devious in his methods of doing this. Poor Emilio has been going through this stress for awhile now and he didn't get any support from his upper managment. So Emilio did the only thing he could, he told his assistant not to come back to his office, they needed to find another location for him.

Well, Emilio's boss decided to let him go. His boss Mike was the kinda slick guy that walks in and calls you "Buddy" and"Chief", hits on the women and screws around on his wife. For the last three years Emilio told me many "Mike is a prick" stories.

So with the relief of no longer having to wake up at 4:30am for work, comes the stress of losing his job.

We'll take it one day at a time.


One big bonus to moving will be no longer having to do my commute in New Jersey traffic any longer. I wouldn't mind the drive so much if it wasn't for New Jersey drivers.

The other day I was driving home and on RT 31 there is a point where two lanes merge into a single lane. The usual polite protocol is one lane merges, then the next into the single lane. Every once in awhile you get an asshole that will not be polite and won't let the other side in. This happened to me this week and because I was in the old station wagon I fought back. I forced my way in.

Well the psycho in the Jeep that I forced to wait her turn went nuts for the next 10 miles. She was tailgating, beeping her horn and taking photos with her cell phone camera. It was disturbing, but funny at the same time. She literally almost followed me to our house. If she had come that far I didn't really know what I was going to do.

I noticed that people are less courteyous to me when I drive the old car than when I drive the new one.

People are just friggin crazy.