Sunday, September 30, 2007


I love Saturdays. It's just that great day of the week where good things happen, and Sundays are the days I think too much. I muddle around trying to keep busy or lay on the couch as I am today watching Ken Burns "The War".

Yesterday was our yard sale and it really turned out to be a great day. Not because I enjoy sitting in my driveway selling crap for $1.00, but because I got to spend the day with people I think are great. My Emi of course, but also my boss and her husband came by, our immigration lawyer, friends from our former church; Father Bob, Walt and his son Ian, our good friend Dennis and also our real estate agent Connie to whom I really enjoyed long conversation about life struggles. So the people made the day and not the $185. Plus some promising people came to the open house. We're still hoping for an offer.
In the evening Dennis, Emilio and I went to the restaurant John manages and had a really good meal while busting John's chops.

We're still waiting on those passports and still figuring out the best way to deal with the border. As stressful as our life is and that long nagging tooth ache feeling that won't go away, I believe everything will work out in time.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Daniel and Alan are in!!

The guys from "Would be Canadians" got to the final step!

Congrats guys! We're so happy for you. Now we are sending our good thoughts to the "Moving to Vancouver" boys and hope they hear good news this week too.

Anyone care to join us in limbo?

No takers on the house yet, I really think the market has completely crashed here in NJ. It's frustrating.

This weekend we are taking part in the town wide yard sale, whoring our wares in the driveway (soooo not my thing), but my adorable Venezuelan is really excited about it.

We're still waiting for those passports to come back. We have a question for anyone in the know. Can Emilio land with his Venezuelan passport and re-enter the US using his Asylee passport? It's been a puzzling question we can't seem to get an anwer to.

My job still has not worked out the transfer details, it seem the Canadian part of my company is insisting they pay me more money upon working there, yet the US cheapskates say they don't have it in the budget. It could be the deal breaker. You gotta love Canada for looking out for their employees.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hi Honey, how was your day?

It was quite an interesting day for us. Emilio sent me a copy of the permanent residency letter to my work e-mail around 12:30 today. At the same moment I was talking to my senior manager on the phone about some figures he needed right away. I got off the phone looked over the letter then turned my office chair around put my head down and cried. I then called Emilio and we rejoiced on the phone. I wanted to share the news and no one was around as it was lunch time. I found my buddy Chuck working away and told him, he began crying he was so happy for us. I rushed back to my desk and threw the figures together and raced the wonder wagon home. That poor car was shaking the whole way. It's used slow right lane Tom, not insane new immigrant Tom on a mission.

I got home and we hugged and kissed and walked downtown to get our photos done and we had the package mailed out at 3:15 by over night express.

This evening Emi and I went to where we always celebrate important dates, Charlie Brown's for prime rib. It was telling that Fox News was on in the background of the lounge where we were seated in. Nothing like a giant sized reminder why we are getting the hell out of here.(I hope so much they don't have Faux News in Canada).

It was the first time in our almost 6 years together we could talk about the future without the nagging thought of being separated by the government. They now no longer have any power over us and it feels great.

We took the back roads home passing the farms and beautiful mountains in our area. Now we plan on sitting on our patio enjoying some drinks.

What a great day!
My wine awaits.

Breaking news! We got the letter!

We got the letter asking for our passports and photos today on the mail.... how exiting!!!!!

Canada, here we go!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

I always liked that Tom Petty song and now I am living it. So much of immigration is waiting. So now we are waiting for that letter to come in the mail from the consulate so we can plan our next trip to Toronto to land. At the same time this week the US Department of Injustice filed it's vile brief seeking to deport my sweet Emilio. It's filled with garbage and insults to a person's intelligence. The amount of time and waste the US government goes to discriminate against us is mind boggling. I cannot stress enough to any binational couple reading this blog to have a backup plan. Canada was ours as far back as 2004 and it became our primary plan in 2006 and the timing could not have been better for us. It was mere coincidence we got news of our acceptance into Canada the same week as the end of the line for Emilio's asylum appeals, we're lucky, others weren't as fortunate like our friends Gito and Juan. Read their archives of the time they were separated and I dare you not to cry.

This process has also gave us wonderful new friends, some of their blogs are all listed in this page and each has been wonderful support both on and off the pages of this blog. Now we need some new members of our blog family to start their process so we can help you along the way too.

So life goes on and today a couple more realtors came throught the house. Emi and I took Katie (our super dog) out shopping for mums and mulch trying to live as normal a life as possible through all this craziness. Right now he's making another batch of home made tomato sauce with the remaining crop from our garden, along with sausage and meatballs. I am a lucky guy!

Monday, September 10, 2007

We're in... Yay...

Received minutes ago by e-mail from the NY council:
"Dear Sir,
Your file is ready to be finalized. A letter will be mailed shortly to request your original passport and photo to enable us to complete the processing. If you are being represented by a lawyer/consultant and you intend to pick-up or directly mail the permanent residence visas to you, we require a no objection letter from your lawyer/consultant stating it is okay to release the permanent residence visas.

Thank you for your interest in Canada ."

Oh no, thank you Canada!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

My follow up letter to the editor 9-4-07

I wrote another letter to the editor because Assemblyman Doherty outright lied in response to mine. Stirring up these right wing loonies seems to be becoming a hobby of mine.

Misleading Doherty should be voted out

Regarding New Jersey Assemblyman Michael Doherty's Aug. 20 letter: He misleads the reader into thinking he supports rights that he voted against. He is opposed to every legal gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender right that came across his desk for a vote.

In January 2006 Doherty and six other extremists voted against S2083/A3429 that sought to enhance the domestic partnership law to allow the right of surviving same-sex partners to make funeral arrangements. Anyone can check this. It is public record.

Doherty voted against the weak domestic partnership laws and the enhancements that preceded civil unions. These are examples of how he wants no next of kin status for any couple he deems unworthy.
Would someone give Doherty a lesson in civil rights? This nation does not make decisions of equal rights under our civil laws by popular vote. This is a nation where everyone is supposed to be equal.

The very suggestion of voting on the validity of another's family is prejudice this state should flatly reject. We are not criminals; we are people who love and are committed to one another.

I imagine Doherty as the modern version of segregationists who wanted to vote on racial minority rights.

Would the Michael Dohertys of the world settle for a flimsy piece of legal paper (power of attorney) that legal next of kin can override in courts to protect their loved ones? Do not ask us to settle for less than you would to protect your family.

Please stop voting for these kinds of politicians.
We deserve better.