Friday, February 22, 2008

Moving Bites and Shedding Boxes

We are in the middle of our move and as moves go it sucks. I won't bore you with all the details.
I was thinking last night as I looked around at all our boxes of stuff. Everything of modest value Emilio and I bought for our house or each other over the years was in it's original box. It was forward thinking on our part to save the original packaging to prevent damage in a future move that at the time was just in our imagination, but then I thought how friggin sad our state of mind was that our lives in the US was so fragile we didn't even throw away these boxes. How horrible the United States is to it's gay and lesbian families to put us in that state of mind. To put our lives in turmoil because we were born different.

It makes me all the more happy we made this move, now we can finally throw away those boxes. We're safe in Canada.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

One of those weeks

This week was a lesson in patience for us. My job proved very demanding, one of the busiest weeks I've had and Emilio has been working for our friends Doug and Rich clearing snow from the sidewalks of Toronto. It was a snowy week and Em, Rich and Doug had to work their butts off.

The real hum dinger this week is the condo. Emilio and I were running our all week getting paint and accessories. We did our walk thru inspection on Tuesday and the unit was not done but liveable. The builder has 30 days to fix everything even while you are living there. The deal is you rent your unit until the building reaches a certain capacity then your mortgage kicks in. We are the 2nd floor so we are the first in. We freaked at the rent price which is 7.35% of the unpaid balance, much higher than what our mortgage will be because we do not make our bulk payment until the mortgage starts. So on Thursday at lunch we went to our lawyers to sign the unit possession documents and pay with certified check our first months rent plus 8 post dated checks. In the evening, a few short hours later, we get a frantic call from our lawyer that the building failed the Certificate of Occupancy and we have to delay moving to around the 19th. There was vandalism earlier in January where someone opened a water valve on the top floor and flooded the entire building causing $100,000 damage. This apparently wasn't fixed enough for occupancy. We didn't notice any damage.

So we had to cancel the POD, the moving crew, furniture deliveries, cable & phone, utilties, and appliance delivery all with very late notice. I am sure I don't need to say that this all sucked royally.