Sunday, March 23, 2008

Canadian Hope Meets Two Moms to Canada

Today we had the pleasure of having brunch with MSEH, P and 7 year old.
They were in Toronto overnight due to a plane mix up. It was great to see this wonderful family in person. Once again it's like meeting old friends sharing life experiences. It sounds like Fredericton is a dream come true for them. 7 year old stole our hearts, he's gregarious and smart as a whip. I felt so fortunate to spend Easter with them as I was missing my family very much today.

I am amazed at the bravery of people leaving the US by choice. It such a huge step and I wondered if I would have done it if we weren't a binational couple.

We hope to see them in Fredericton this summer.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Canadian Hope Meets Tomausviews

Yesterday we met the Southern Belle half (Tamara) of Tomausviews. She came to Toronto just overnight to do some banking and having their application checked out by an attorney. We decided to give her the $0.10 tour of Toronto. It was like meeting an old friend. There is a kindred spirit when I meet someone from our blog family.

In a nutshell she is lovely and we enjoyed showing off our new city and sharing immigration war stories. We hope we get to meet Julia very soon. I am sure she missed her honey as we whisked her from one end of toronto to the next. I realized when we got home last night I didn't use the GPS once during the drive. That's a first for me!
Let's hope CIC makes the process shorter for all those waiting. We're here waiting to welcome you all with open arms.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I need your help

I want to start an organization to help people get out of countries where it is unsafe to be gay. I want to help them come here to Canada.
I searched the internet and didn't find an organization I can volunteer for so why don't we all start one.

Does anyone have an idea where to begin, even what to call it?

Jamaica, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Aruba, Egypt, Bahamas, anyone from these places or elsewhere let us know how we can help?

It's not all wine and roses

Last weekend we had a major snowstorm and Emi worked his butt off. After 3 days of double shifts and his tractor constantly breaking down he'd reached a breaking point. At the same time last Saturday I got a wicked bad sore throat that took me out of action. On Monday I was certain it was strep and even though we were mere days away from health care for life, I paid $65 for a doctor's visit to find out for sure, it wasn't but it looked and felt like it.

Our condo just doesn't feel like a home yet. There are so many issues with this builder and the residents are really pissed off. You can't even take an elevator ride without hearing about it and at the same time looking at the worker's graffiti and garbage. I really miss my house, I miss my Garden, my enormous bedroom, our large kitchen, I miss my family, I miss my cousin Diane, I miss John, Dennis, Karen, Ash, and Nigl. Here we are literally living in what was our two car garage in NJ. A two car garage that was built better. Emilio tried to hang a simple shelf and hit a water line because these idiots don't know you don't run water lines along studs.

Buying furniture in Canada is totally weird. We bought our couch in January, yet it's expected to arrive this Wednesday. It's not like the US where you can get the item the same week. It takes a long time, which means we are living with boxes for a long time. The computer armoire is coming on Thursday so we can finally put some office things away.
So hopefully we can actually have company soon.

Fortunately today felt like spring and me and the hubby got out here. We had our first day at our new gym. We enjoyed it, then we went to Chinatown to our favorite restaurant in that area, then we walked thru the bohemian Kensington Market where we bought T-Shirts to celebrate St Pat's day tomorrow with Mason of "Life Without Borders". On the street car ride home we got off in our Cabbagetown and shopped a bit on Parliament Street. We were reminded quickly why we love Toronto and we really needed today to remind us.

Friday, March 07, 2008

All is well...sorta

We're still very happy in our new home city. Last weekend we had a blast playing 5 pin bowling with our friends. I was the high scorer of the night and Emilio won an award for his Fred Flintstone technique. They split up all the expat US guys so Nick, Mason, Emilio and I were all on different teams.

Our new home is proving a challenge. I never realized what a headache new construction can be. Now I know why you get such a good deal buying before the building is built. We're battling daily with the builder and making some progress. Fortunately Emilio is super hand and right now he's installing a new fan in the master bath, the one the builder put in is about as subtle sounding as a 747 taking off.

I have to say I am thrilled with my 1/2 hour walk through downtown to work. It's great and I get to sleep later than I have in years. Poor sweet Emilio is going crazy with all the snow. It's a real insane amount of snow this year and his temp job plowing the streets of Toronto in his little tractor is really kicking his butt. (I am dying to get a photo of him in his tractor but he won't let me)

I sit with three women and at work and have a blast with them every day. We're going to be split up soon, Kally's having a baby, Marisa is being transferred and Mary and I don't know where they want to move us. They really made my transition as the "new guy" very easy. We still get a blast at the looks on people's face when I come out to them. Why people assume I am straight is beyond me? So far I am the only openly gay person there, which I find weird. There has got to be others and the company, Toronto and Canada are not exactly places you need to hide it.

Next week we get our couch, so we can finally invite friends over. Woo hoo.

Surprise!!!! here is the photo of me on the dammed tractor!