Friday, July 11, 2008

War Resister Rally in Toronto

Yesterday we went to a War Resister Rally at University Ave and Queen St W. to support War Resisters in Canada, in particular Robin Long who has been detained and is close to deportation and Corey Glass who was supposed to be deported yesterday but was given a temporary stay.

It was a great turn out. I particulary enjoyed the human chain we made from the US Consulate to the court house where immigration hearings take place.

We were with our friend Kim from "My Canada Includes Justice" and met up with Laura and Allan, Alan or Allen. (There are just too many ways to spell his name and I think I get it wrong every time) of "We Move to Canada".
Emilio and I know all too well what the threat of deporation feels like. We know what it is like to be treated unfairly by government. It is why we relate so well to the plight of the War Resisters.
Bob Rae is our Liberal MP in Toronto Centre and I am happy to see he has a column in The Star supporting the war resisters. Why U.S. war resisters deserve refuge in Canada
Sadly the comments below his article so far are from disgusting Conservatives with nasty small minds.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Why the US needs viable third parties

I see Barack Obama is moving to the center, the same tactic under Clinton that brought on the Defense of Marriage Act and Don't Ask Don't Tell upon our lives. Also the unregulated corporate graft and rich getting richer policies we still encounter today.

This week Obama came out in support of "Faith Based Iniatives" continuing the idiocy of the Bush adminstration. As if Americans need government incentives to be religious. This iniative already led to Churches robbing tax dollars to proselytize.

Obama also came out in support of the unconstitutional abuses of FISA.

I also got a kick out of Obama denouncing being called a liberal, well if he isn't one...then don't vote for him. It's time proud liberals stop voting for people who have public contempt for you.
Obama keeps praising Reagan and wants to emulate his Presidency. Those of us who lived through the Reagan years do not remember it so fondly. Especially me as a young broke college student who was paying his way through school. When I went into the financial aid office I was told Reagan cut aid and there was no help in sight. I had to switch to full time work and part time school.

In Canada we have the NDP, Green and Bloc parties. I love the NDP personally. The NDP gave us healthcare for life and stand firmly and proudly as the soul of this nation shaming Liberals and Tories into doing the right thing for everyone. They infuse conscience into politics that is a giant void in the US. I am just glad when I can vote here in 2.5 years that I will not have to choose the lesser of two evils.