Saturday, August 16, 2008

Emi Got a Job

I am happy to report the lovely and talented Emilio got a job. He just completed his first week. I can't express how much of a relief this was for us. In talking to other couples who move here the wait for a job is not uncommon. So many times Emilio was told he needed "Canadian Work Experience", which to me is just a load of bullshit. I am literally doing the exact same job here as I did in the US. Just last week Emilio was turned down for a bank teller position, the HR person said they hired someone more qualified (Emilio has a University degree in Business Administration). I can't imagine someone with more qualifications even wanting a bank teller job. I was livid and wanted to call the bank myself to rip them a new one, but Emi stopped me. Needless to say he was humiliated and felt defeated.

Then last Thursday Emi got a call from the owner of the company he did temp work for last month. They offered him a full time position! Emi got this job through our friend Kim whose blog is linked here "My Canada Includes Justice". We're fortunate to have made so many wonderful friends since we moved here only 8 short months ago.

I believe there is a degree of anti immigrant sentiment in the work place here. I laugh with my co-workers now about what they thought before they met me and were anticipating "The American" sitting in their midst. They feared all work place fun would immediately stop once I walked in. The preconceived notions of an American were blown out of the water once they got to know me and I told our story about life in the US, especially as a binational gay couple. One said to me "I knew I was going to like you once I realized you dislike the US more than I do".

Here is a great resource we are recommending for newcomers to help overcome the Canadian Work Experience issue. Emi just recently found it and could have really used it 8 months ago.

Career Bridge

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Politics and Life

This morning I was walking Katie and I saw an Obama for President sign on a lawn here in Cabbagetown. How odd to be in Canada and have a sign for the US election. Then I realized just how in tune Canadians are to the US election. It's a topic often discussed by Canadians. Which in turn makes me laugh at Americans who wouldn't even bother to pay attention to an election outside of the borders of the country or their minds. Obama continues to piss me off but then again McCain pisses me off more. I am going to order my ballot because as my friends here pointed out to me if I don't vote then I have no business complaining about it. I explained that's if the US actually will count my vote. I might just have a get together and let the Canadians debate this one out and we decide who is the person I should waste my vote on, why not, they are more informed than most Americans.

I am sick again with strep throat, this is round three. I must have a drug resistant strain. I've talked with people who tell me this is not uncommon their first year when moving and working in a city environment. All I know is it sucks.

I wonder if anyone else has issues with their Canadian Insurance Companies. I have Sun Life for my supplemental and their customer service is awful. They just don't give a damn, and are very unresponsive and heavy handed. I am ready to start a petition at work to have HR dump them. My co-worker laughs as this is more an American thing to do. I told her, "screw that they work for us"

Emilio is not working still, he had a short temp stint working with our friend Kim which was lovely for the time he had there. The situation is back to frustrating for us both. My patience is just about gone and I want him to get any job, while he is still seems more in the direction of getting the right job. It's not easy but we are managing not to fight about it (too muhc). Next month he starts Chef school. I can't wait to take a photo of him in his uniform. Imagine how adorable he's going to look.

Besides some of my negatives above. I love living in the country. I love that I am a first class citizen for the first time in my life and no longer have to fight for my humanity to be recognized. Canada is everything I dreamed it would be and more. It's my home for life.