Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Business

We are doing far better than our expectations. Emilio and I are working very hard trying to keep up with the demand. The people are so excited we opened in our neighbourhood. I didn't realize how happy Gelato and Ice Cream makes people.

Special thanks to Adam of "Canada Boomdiada" and Mason of "Life Without Borders" for all their help. As Melissa of "Two Moms" said, "Expats Rock"

We had a lovely surprise. The guys (Bob and DRF) from "Moved to Vancouver" stopped by to see us on a layover waiting for the train to take them back home to the West Coast. It's was great to meet other members of our blog family in person. There is a kinship and automatic feeling of friendship knowing what we all went through together roughly at the same time.

Gotta run, so much work to do today.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sweet Creamery Update

This week I took off work foolishly thinking we would open. We're not. After a couple panic attacks, a home equity loan and too many phone calls to count we finally have the electric power upgrade we needed. I don't even know where this week went.

Yesterday I was finally fed up. The electrician kept telling me not to call and bother Hydro. Beyond my better judgement I didn't for a week. Finally yesterday morning I had enough! I did a phone blitz to anyone and everyone I could find at Hydro and lo and behold we managed to be their first urgent call this morning. When I walked down Parliament street at 8:30 am and saw those beautiful green trucks I immediately called Emi at home to celebrate another win. I asked one of the Hydro guys how we got the first call, he said some pain in the ass kept calling and driving everyone crazy, I smiled and said, "that was me, would you like a coffee?" He's coming for some free gelato next week.

So now we actually have power and are testing our machines. Tomorrow morning the man we bought most of our equipment from is coming to tweak them. Our beloved and talented Mason (Life Without Borders) will be finishing up some really great projects he's developed for the store and we will be good to go early in the week.

This process seemed harder than immigrating. Today as I left the store to take Katie to Petsmart I looked back and could not stop looking at a beautiful sight. Emilio was working in his store. He looked so proud and happy and my heart melted. He's worth every second of the trouble it took to get us to this point.

Monday, May 04, 2009


Hurdles are everywhere. Within hours of my success in obtaining the business license we found out the hydro upgrade the landlord paid for was not enough for three machines we purchased that require 3 phase power. Of course this was some bad news and I went into problem solving mode. I was researching various ways to fix this issue. Converters, Inverters and other electrical gadgets I never heard about that will not work so well for us. In the end we are in a limbo of sorts. The landlord told us on Saturday he is looking into another upgrade (one I doubt he will pay for). My other option included begging the guy we are buying most of our equipment from to get us single phase equipment. I have to say, the man is an angel. He told me he will let me know, but is hopeful we can do some sort of trade. The problem still exists limiting our ability to upgrade equipment in the future, but I just want to get the store open ASAP.

Emilio and I spent the weekend doing cosmetic work; we need to get the place up to health code standards which included a hefty plumber’s bill. The good news is while I was painting the exterior front of the shop many people approached me that were excited about our new business and cannot wait to become our customers. I am confident we will be a success. I believe in Emilio, I know he will be great and I love the idea that we have another thing connecting us…making our family stronger. Onward we go into working 7 days a week with my favorite person in the world. I am keeping my day job and will work at the shop nights and weekends until we are profitable enough to hire help. I know it will be stressful and somewhat risky, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.