Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Excitement in the air- More Newcomers

Not only will Silas and Willy be moving to Canada next week, but I had the pleasure to speak with Hunter a couple of days ago. He and "A" (not sure if I can use his name here) will be moving to Toronto in October. They were married here in Toronto during a visit awhile back and have been seperated by the unfair immigration laws in the US since that time. I am happy to say they will be back together again because our beloved Canada exists and is a safe haven for our families.

As Laura & Allan, Mason & Nick helped us, we pay it forward, happily. The move wasn't so scary when we knew people were already here with information and just to talk.

Also my parents are arriving on Saturday! Woo Hoo!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

We were honoured to meet Silas yesterday. He is half of the latest bi-national couple who successfully will be moving here in 2 weeks. Emilio has been in contact with Willy (Silas’ partner) for some time now. Willy is from Peru and Silas is a USian. The guys are moving from Boston. We’re happy to welcome them to our city. They will be living in the Yonge/St Clair area

I’ve been so busy I forgot to mention my wonderful lunch with Melissa (Two Moms) & Adam (Canada Boomdiada). It was wonderful to see her again and enjoy a great time of conversation, shared experience and just being with friends. Something I rarely get to do these days.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about immigrants and our life here. My Dad told me both my great grandparent (maternal side)and great-great grandparents (Paternal) owned ice cream shops after moving to the US and were Italian immigrants, which I find to be such a weird coincidence. Guess it’s in my blood. I wonder if they too bitched about working 7 days week, having to sue bad equipment providers and worried about the success of their business through winters and hard times. Plus the aches and nerve numbness from repetitive scooping. I am sure they did but we don’t usually get those sides of immigrant stories, we usually just hear about the success and not the aches and pains when hearing family folklore. It’s frustrating not having a life and even trying to type this message is taking hours between customers until help arrives. Working daily with your loved one gets difficult as well. By the 12th hour it’s hard not to snap once in awhile.
The store is still a success just not as busy as those initial first weeks. I’ve made some cupcakes to test them as a sale item. Emilio is making more cakes now and besides Zulie we’ve welcomed Luis to our Sweet Creamery family. They are both from SOY and work very hard.

This week something very disturbing was said to me on a conference call for my regular job, something that shook me to the bone. Basically in a moment of candour I was told a man with other sources of income (me) would be let go over a single mother of three (my co-worker) in the next reduction in work force. Even though I work much harder than anyone else on my team with far more responsibility, plus I’ve paid my dues to get seniority. I was so angry I took time off because I just could not understand being kicked in the teeth like that. I am the idiot that works late, holidays and weekends whenever they need me. It killed my motivation and concentration, something the job requires. It feels like discrimination. We are still counting on that job as we still have not paid ourselves a dime yet from the business until the debt is gone. I expressed my thoughts to management and hopefully can put it behind me.

I also miss my Katie terribly. Just takes time. Poor Buster is getting far more affection than he wants from both of us.