Thursday, September 24, 2009

Settling things

We settled our differences with the IRS, basically they screwed us, threatened and I had to decide between visiting family in the future or paying them. The hurt I saw in my Mom's face this summer when I said I might not be able to come down was enough for me to pay the bastards. They still never paid Emilio or I any of the stimulus money everyone else received for 2007. Typical of why I am so glad to be in Canada.

I finally got through to the court and received some great advice. I am going into the settlement hearing with confidence next month. I also decided I can in fact do a phone conference saving me the 4 hour round trip drive and from taking off either job.

Emilio and I are preparing for fall and winter at the store. Hot Chocolate, Waffles, Panini and Soup will be added. The equipment is in and Emilio installed a exhaust system this week. He's been working on perfecting recipes.

I am feeling much better than last week. I've accepted the challenges before me will knock them off one at a time.

I spoke to Hunter earlier this week, he and his hubby will arrive in October. We're excited to have another successfull landing of a couple seperated by ignorance and bigotry in the US. Yesterday Silas stopped by the store to catch up, he and Willy are settling in nicely to Toronto. I was happy to find out he is an old movie buff just like me.

Also last week Gito and Juan and the ever adorable Fang and Trouble gave me a surprise visit during their road trip to Ottawa. So nice to see our friends from Windsor.

Onward, forward and the rest of the yadda yadda yadda.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tough Noogies

Lately I just can't seem to keep my head above water. Between work, the store, IRS, our crappy developer Willowfield Winchester and the court case against Restaurant Liquidators, I just can't stand the stress. It's overwhelming and it really all needs to just go away. A guy can only take so much.

Last weekend was the hardest working weekend of my life. There was the Cabbagetown Festival and it was a great success. We got our butts kicked with so many customers. I feel bad for being short with one woman, I was just way over-doing it and I was rude. I wish I could go back and apologize.

Just taking it one day at a time. It's all I can do.