Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Arrivals

Hunter and Abrahan arrived safely late Saturday night and we were lucky to have them stop by the store Sunday. We spent an enjoyable afternoon talking about the move and hopefully taking away some of the anxiety of being in a new country.

In fact Hunter just called me to say they think they found an apartment nearby to us. Very exciting!

We welcome our newest friends to Toronto and hope they love it here as much as we do.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This and That

Today was supposed to be the settlement hearing for my court case against Restaurant Liquidators. Fortunately I requested a phone conference because the defendant did not show up, just his lawyer did. So I was awarded $100 compensation for my troubles and got a postponement. The funny thing is Restaurant Liquidators is on the same street as the court in London, Ont and Adam couldn't get there. It bodes well for my complaint against him not showing or calling when the equipment broke.

Good news on the horizon, Hunter and Abrahan arrive this weekend. The latest bi-national couple to arrive to our wonderful Canada. They are traveling quite a bit to get here since no US stopovers are allowed. Emilio and I know about that craziness all to well.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with Adam and Eric. Originally we were invited to Doug and Rich's but we declined as it was our first day off since May and we really needed to rest in, which we did until 1:00pm. Eric came up with the brilliant idea of eating at the revolving restaurant at the CN Tower. 5pm dinner allowed us to have the view in day light and the second revolution in darkness. It was spectacular to say the least. The food was good, company was great and the view awesome.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Michael Coren is a disgrace

I don't normally watch Michael Coren because the two times that I tried he came across as a whiney Catholic victim. But today I saw that Bishop Lahey of Nova Scotia was arrested for child pornography on his laptop. The Bishop was someone who brokered a multi million dollar deal for victims of priest abuse. So I turned on his show and as usual Michael Coren the church's apologist eluded the bishop was unfairly chosen from the line of people at the airport to be searched (ergo his usual catholic victimhood).

He goes on to say 85% of the cases were homosexual in nature and that the church tried to purge gays from the priesthood to solve the problem. Someone needs to teach this man that the church is a breeding ground for pedophiles, that they choose the profession as a power position of unquestionable authority to gain access to their victims, it has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

The reality is Michael Coren is more likely a molestor than the average gay man since the majority of sexual abuse cases come from straight identified men who are head of the household, related or know the family of the victim. Perhaps it's time we seek to deny him equal rights as a danger to society.

Later in the show he supported the ban on gays donating blood due to promiscuity (another swarmy look from his gap toothed pious face)

Then he chastized David Lettermen for his affairs. I only wish he had such harshness for his bishop.