Friday, November 13, 2009

Strange Week

This week was mucho stressful. My day job is turning into an overtime nightmare. Lots of work and lots of getting up in the wee hours or logging in late after I close the store.

I had a couple things happen that really made me step back. One, a friend from a long time ago who found me on Facebook earlier this year unfriended me in a really big way. You see she's become a die hard Republican robot who literally shoots out platitudes from the party like witty little factless bumper stickers. At first I thought maybe I can teach her something because on Facebook I am pretty much an open book, it's the best and usually only way I get to communicate with family and friends. So I really don't hold back on anything there, my opinions, mainly political go from my brain to the website without filters. Also because so many people who knew me back when as a very shy and assumed straight kid, now get to see someone very different. So anyway, no loss on losing her friendship, over the White House HOLIDAY Tree of all things. But it did make me think about being diplomatic and I now know you cannot be diplomatic while being teabagged by a birther.

The second thing was an e-mail conversation with a friend. Not to make too much of it but one part of the discussion was an honest take on the fact that I am very political man and it turns some people off. I live for politics, I read about it, discuss it at websites, follow the latest news on it, join boycotts, spread information on it and try to change it in my former and current nations. It's what I do and I asked myself why tonight. I spent many years not knowing the difference between a Republican or Democrat. I watched Reagan's first innaugural with awe because I was home sick from the 7th grade with the flu. I didn't realize he was my enemy at the time (his choosing not mine). I spent the 90's as a young gay man who didn't give a rats ass about our rights. By then I knew to vote Dem but really didn't know why.

So tonight I asked myself, why am I annoyingly political to some people? (in a Carrie Bradshaw kind of way) I found out very quickly why. When I met Emilio I quickly I have no rights, I am a powerless American citizen who met a guy who was my dream come true and I had no way of preserving the relationship I wanted all my life because the nation I was born in is a fucked up mess. The only way I can fight back is by being political, teaching people, staying informed and being passionate about our rights and for fairness and equality in every area, not just for gays. So I say I am proud I became annoyingly political and don't care if people don't like it. It's who I am.... take it or leave it.