Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Government is not Canada

I need to separate the two so my head will not explode. Just like The Government is not the US as I must remind many people when talking badly about things happening in my former nation.

Harper and the Governor General have done something I believe is far worse than George Bush ever did. They literally make the government cease to function for months. Proroguing Parliament as a way to avoid facing scrutiny is beyond the lying the way George Bush and his team did. I just hope this turns out the way it did in the US when Republicans shut down the government in the 90's. The backlash was extraordinary.

Back to training our 3 months old puppies, it takes time, effort and vigilance the same thing we need to do to train our politicians into remembering they work for us.

Monday, December 28, 2009


I am calling this the year of WORK. 7 days a week with two full time jobs has been difficult to say the least. We're still in our first year of business and it's had it's ups and downs. Emilio and I decided we need a break so next week we are closing the store and going to be a normal family again for one full week. I am looking forward to his home cooking again.

This is the year we lost our Katie, who still comes to my mind every single day, sometimes with a smile and sometimes with a tear but always with love. Now we have the boys and I tell them about their sister and have them doing cute things she used to do, like running frantically down the hallway to our home. Makes me laugh every time. Puppies are WORK! More than I anticipated. I hope soon they will treat their big kitty brother Buster with the same respect Katie did. Buster is so patient and passive and the best cat in the world.

The WORK that really needs to be done is bringing immigration back to fairness. I know of more than a few declined applications. It is breaking my heart that the beacon of hope that was Canada for this binational couple no longer exists. It used to be a process where you had the points, the background checks and the money, then you waited in line for your turn. That system no longer exists and might have prevented us from coming here had we applied two years later. Starting a new life, creating jobs with a business and proudly paying every cent of taxes owed to this nation might not have happened. It pains me to tell other binational couples to look elsewhere for a home because of the changes to immigration and the extremely narrow 38 professions allowed in. Too many Toms and Emilios are not being allowed the chance and IT NEEDS TO STOP!

Let's make the change needed in 2010. Canada needs to be less like the USA in the coming year.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays!