Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Consumer Protections Warning: London Major Food Equipment Inc or London Major Foods

Restaurant Liquidators 2008 has changed their name to London Major Food Equipment Inc. Please read our experiences on this blog with this company and also the below comments from others. I apologize to both these commenters for not seeing their post until today. I wasn't notified of your comments in the archives.

I won my lawsuit, Adam Soufan aka Nader Soufan didn't show up to two hearings and by default I won.

I will continue to make sure the public knows about this company under whatever name it works under.

They are running the same business under the new name on the internet and Kijiji. Shame on Kijiji once again for not protecting consumers. Also the BBB is useless.

Update: On November 2nd they purchased the domain London Major Foods

Update 2-16-10: In September 2009 Nader aka Adam Soufan created his new Incorporation London Major Food Equipment Inc. I went to Service Ontario and was able to obtain this information and was also told Nader Soufan has charges of fraud against him. I am now seeking to have his new business license revoked and amending my judgement claim with this new company added. Affidavits from others who were defrauded are also being worked on.

I have their articles of incorporation and the business licenses from 2007 forward with the names Nader Soufan or Adel Soufan.

Javamaster said...
Tom, I too just recently purchased equipment from Adam and would love to take part in your Lawsuit. I was consistently promised that the espresso machine would not only be delivered and installed, but they would remove the old ones and fix one of them so I would have a back up. Well that was really nice of him…Anyway he pleaded about needing the deposit before installing it because his partner. I told him I am out of town for a couple of days and couldn’t have the espresso machine down as it is most of my business and gave him $1000 (n credit card). Well a couple of day went by, still promised that he would have it delivered and INSTALLED on Monday. That said, the machine was delivered that was it. After several phone calls to Adam on why he didn’t install it he promised he would be by to hook it up. I returned back and still nothing. A couple of more days went by (It was Thursday now) and John one of Adam’s associated dropped by, but couldn’t hook it up as it didn’t have the proper power…Long story short, John said he could run the proper power but it would cost me and he wouldn’t be able to do it until the next day. That said, Friday John showed, I paid him he ran the power, hooked up the machine and turned on the water. Nothing happened so we took the from panel off and WOW, a massive expansion crack in the tank, I have pictures. So the machine was not just filthy but know useless. I asked him why he told me he tested the unit BEFORE he delivered it, he said he did, finally it admitted he tested it last winter…
He promised to have another unit Deliver that night as I had an event that evening, but no Adam, no machine. Spoke to Adam again, who said the other unit also failed but he found another one that defiantly works and he was going to pick it up Saturday morning and install it that evening. Well 9pm Saturday, No Adam. Called he said I do have the machine, and he was on his way back to his shop to hook it up to double check to see if it works. He asked if it was all possible if he could install it Sunday as he was very exhausted. I being a very patient and fair individual said fine. He said he would be here by noon. Sunday noon, No Adam. Called and left well over a dozen messages on his cell. Finally Dave the GM answered his phone and said Adam wasn’t available, but he was working on my machine as it had a leak and not working. Well, that was the end of it.
Dave said they are more than willing to refund the money. But by this point, it is too late for that I told him as I was down for a complete week, and lost a lot of revenue not to mention the events and the lost sales there. I am a coffee shop with a competitor just around the corner; Guess who got the business…And I know have to try and locate another unit.
So Tom, please contact me and we can discuss it further. Oh yeah, when I mentioned your name to him, well, contact me and I will fill you in.

Sunday, August 02, 2009 10:48:00 PM

Shawarma man said...
Restaurant Liquidators have changed their name to "London Major Food Equipment".
I'm a supplier of food equipment and sold equipment to him for which he never paid.
Story is the same; numerous phone calls, left messages, etc. Adam calls back, says he'll be in town & will pay, doesn't show up, blah, blah, same crap.
I sent this company an email based on their add on Kijiji & was told not contact again with "unsavoury comments" because it is a new company, with new employees, I don't buy it.
Another supplier has told me that Adam keeps Incorporating the companies he opens to limit personal liability, and this is definately not the first time he has changed names.
Let me know if you plan on pursuing the law suit, you can only go after him & his assets, do not file against "Restaurant Liquidators" as it'll get you nowhere due to rights of corporations.

Friday, October 02, 2009 4:04:00 PM

Friday, January 22, 2010

Life Update

Emilio and I celebrated 8 years together on the 13th. We had a nice prime rib dinner at the Keg Mansion.

The store has been slow as we expected this time of year. We might close for another week in February. It's nice to get a break and why sit in a store with no customers? We know summer will be killer again just like last year. Emilio has been doing some really great thing with his cakes and I am so proud of him. He's learned so much and continues his culinary education.

We are honoured to be asked to be Godfathers again. Which in latin culture is a very big honour. Our employee Luis, who we actually think of as family now has a little brother and his Mom asked us. Emilio explained we are no longer believers but she wants us despite this. She feels we are great role models for her kids. So nice to hear that.

I spent some time reading our archives and found myself crying. I love that I recorded a bit of history of our life here and can share it with others. I think it is healthy to remember painful experiences, it makes your current everyday stresses lighter in comparison.

I was defriended again on facebook, I wear it as a badge of honor, you don't like me or my politics, then screw you! There are those of us who speak out for ourselves and others and there are those who don't out of fear. I have no respect for anyone being afraid to speak their mind and say nothing about injustices or abuses of power. Those people are the reason things like genocides happen all over the world, yet sadly these same people also seem to skate through life and obtain things easier than us loud mouths.

I had a wonderful discussion last night with a customer who used to be a member of parliament, he says he lost by 1800 votes because 10 years ago he refused to denigrate gays in his northern ontario riding. His opponent used god, gays and guns to win. We talked about US politics and me finding one Republican politician I liked, Lincoln Chafee, it turns out he actually knew Lincoln Chafee from horse shows. Very interesting man to speak with, he even met Bush when he was an advisor to Chretien. In tying this together with the above defriending, he does not regret doing the right thing and losing the election as I do not regret speaking out and losing friends. I am proud of it.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My comment to CTV-Better late then never

I am requesting you stop your relationship with The Salvation Army. I am certain partnering with them goes against your human resources policy for LBGT employees. If you do not know that any of your LGBT employees are banned from working on your annual Christmas Project, then I am glad to provide you with the Army's own website explaining this information.

I moved here from the US and while they do good for some, they have refused help to LGBT families after the 9/11 attacks and have worked for years against equality in terms of housing, employment, adoption and civil rights. There are reports of them refusing to help undocumented families in Texas and abusing trans people in their shelters. You can also research stories how they worked directly with the Bush administration on anti gay initiatives.

I hope next year you will consider a new partner or handle the holiday project yourself.

"The Army regards the origins of a homosexual orientation as a mystery and does not regard a homosexual disposition as blameworthy in itself or rectifiable at will. Nevertheless, while we are not responsible for what we are, we are accountable for what we do; and homosexual conduct, like heterosexual conduct, is controllable and may be morally evaluated therefore in the light of scriptural teaching.

For this reason such practices, if unrenounced, render a person ineligible for Salvation Army soldiership, in the same way that unrenounced heterosexual misconduct is a bar to soldiership. The Army recognises the strength of feeling about sexual identity, and the difficulty many find in expressing this identity in keeping with scriptural standards."