Thursday, April 22, 2010

Marriage and things

We got married last Friday at the sky dome of the CN tower. It's was wonderful.
If anyone still read this that is a binational couple in trouble, I hope that our marriage offers some hope for you. We went through hell to get where we are and I am glad we did.

Our store has been doing well with the warm weather. Our landlord is using the new HST tax to reach further into our pockets. Greedy people suck and lose in the end. It just takes time. He is still stealing electricity from us. Actions will be taken and he has been warned.

We have our first wedding cake due this weekend for our neighbours and Emilio has been doing fantastic cakes lately.

I have to tell you how much my dogs have improved my life. They make me get out 4 times a day, and we spend lunch hours roaming the streets or at the dog park. They give me the mental break needed to work as many hours as I do in a day. I love the little noodles.